Drachim is truly an adventure unlike any other, where you will learn about Israel, engage with interesting places and people and learn a lot about yourself too.

It may be the longest time you have been away from home before, and we make sure that while you are experiencing new things and encountering some challenges along the way, you are always supported and will come back a much more grown up and engaged person.

We think that Drachim is the best way to start life after school for a member of Noam.

Jan – June 2019

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“Drachim was an incredible experience allowing me to expand my Jewish and Zionist identity, meet incredible people and forge amazing lasting relationships”
Drachim 5777

Drachim lasts for about 5 months, and aims to show you different sides of Israel, introduce you to different youth movements, meet people from all sorts of backgrounds (including Noam members from around the world!) and undergo your own personal development by living out Noam’s ideology.

There are 3 parts to drachim and they can be found below.  There are opening and closing seminars to frame and round off the programme, which put everything in perspective and allow you to get the most out of Drachim.

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If you are interested in taking a Gap year, then please contact rachelrose@masorti.org.uk or give us a call!

  • Jan – June 2019
  • Gap Year

If you have just finished school and you are taking a year out, Drachim is perfect for you.

machon (2 months)
kibbutz (2 months)
hava ve adam eco farm ( 5 weeks)
machon (2 months)

The Machon is an emersive educational programme based on a campus in Jerusalem. You will be part of the programme and living with gap year participants from various global Jewish youth movements. There are a wide range of classes, including Israeli politics, Jewish history, gender, leadership and Hebrew.

One and a half days per week are ‘Movement Time’, where you meet with your Israeli Noam Madrich/a, go on trips and meet speakers who are particularly relevant to Noam such as Women of the Wall. Many trips and group weekends are built into the programme, with some free weekends for any visits or travel that you want.

The Machon is an incredible learning environment, as well as having classes with expert teachers, you are meeting engaged young people from around the world which allows you to develop and challenge your own ideas.

kibbutz (2 months)

You will spend time volunteering on Kibbutz Ketura in the south of Israel, for example working in kitchen, tourism or gardening. There will be other volunteers from different countries, as well as a pre- army group from Noam Israel who lives on the kibbutz.

In free time you can spend with the other volunteers, go the kibbutz pool or even visit Eilat. Most weekends are free, whilst some are filled with seminars with different groups (e.g. Noam South America and USY – the American Masorti youth movement). You will still have fortnightly visits from your Israeli Noam madrich/a, but this part of the programme offers more independence than the first.

hava ve adam eco farm ( 5 weeks)

This is the final stage of the programme, based close to Modi’in- half an hour from Tel Aviv. You will live on a self-sustaining Eco Farm, learning about permaculture, helping to cook in the kitchen, making art using natural materials, making your own soap from organic products and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Evenings and weekends are free, so you can visit neighbouring cities, go out to eat or just chill. This part of the programme is most different to life back in the UK; you will be living communally, working outside and being fairly self reliant. This can be challenging and hugely rewarding, and definitely something that you are unlikely to experience again.