Merkaz Noam


Merkaz Noam is our flagship leadership training course that runs over two years for those wanting to be madrachim on camp.

Meltam (Year 11) and Masa (Year 12) form part of a two part training programme that will not only prepare you for your future in Noam but will give you skills for life.

Sunday Evenings in Term Time (October – April)

We’ve listened to feedback from previous years and built on our amazing programme to make it even more enriching. This year we are giving Meltam and Masa a chance to come together for a specialisms unit where you can choose what they want to learn about for your own personal development.

We also have a shabbaton so you don’t have to wait for until camp for an immersive Noam experience.

Meltam:  Delve into Noam’s ideology in preparation to educate young people and develop valuable life skills such as public speaking, feedback and self-awareness.

Masa: Gain practical leadership experience on the second compulsory year of the leadership programme. In preparation for the summer of Camp 2018, this course focuses on practical leadership skills such as how to educate young people, how to deal with challenging behaviour and also how to care for young people.

Meltam Take 2: For those who missed the first year of the leadership training course, join your year group for Masa. Take extra classes to complete the Meltam course in preparation for summer Camp 2018.

If you are interested, then please contact or give us a call!

Merkaz Noam will run during term times from 3 – 6.30pm.

If you want to be a madrich on camp, then this is the course for you!