Merkaz Noam


Merkaz Noam is our flagship leadership training course that runs over two years for those wanting to be madrichim on camp.

Noam has been running this programme for over 15 years, creating young, capable, inspiring leaders for generations in our community. Each year, we listen to feedback and continue to build our amazing programme to make it even more enriching. 

Merkaz Noam is comprised of two parts: Meltam (Year 11) and Masa (Year 12). The course will not only prepare you for your future in Noam but will give you skills for life.

Meltam:  This year we have a new look Meltam, with a focus on understanding Noam’s ideology and working together to take action and run projects around it. Through this process you will learn invaluable leadership and teamwork skills and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of Noam.  

Masa: Masa is the second year of our leadership programme. In preparation for leading Camp in the summer of 2020, this course focuses on the practical leadership skills needed, such as how to educate young people, how to deal with challenging behaviour and how to care for young people.


Merkaz Noam runs on Sunday evenings during term time from November 1st to March 21st

Meltam runs every Sunday from 4:15-5:15pm.

Masa runs every Sunday from 3pm-4pm (although may stay longer if participating in the Beit Midrash program or gaining leadership experience at Noam Club)

More information about timings and dates is on the sign up form below.

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If you are interested, then please contact or give us a call!