Veida is the perfect mix of fun and ideology. It is your opportunity to not only engage with Noam’s ideology but also to help shape it.

It is 3 nights of thought provoking programmes, exciting games and, of course, deciding on the future of Noam.

26th - 29th December

Come join us in deciding what events, what we believe in and even how camp works. You can change just about anything in Noam at Veida  - you just have to convince the other Noamniks in the room! 

Examples of recent motions that have changed Noam include being ideologically vegetarian and having mini-machanot camp reunions!

What will you change?

This year Veida is local and residential. Sign Up before the 15th October for Early Bird.

Early Bird £79 - General £89

  • Contact

If you want to help shape Noam, then please contact or give us a call!

  • 26-29 Dec

This year Veida will be local and residential - prepare to immerse yourself in the Noam bubble.

  • Year 9+

Anyone in year 9 and up can come along and vote. It's just like camp except you get to set the rules!