weekly club

weekly club

Club is your weekly dose of Noam. It’s a snapshot of camp throughout the year! Come along and experience the exciting activities and programmes run by our fantastic madrachim. From arts and sport to wide games, every week will be different!

This year, club is on rotation around the synagogues so that everyone can have a local club – everyone is welcome at every club.

Also during half-term we will be running sleepovers in October half term for Shorashim (Yr 5/6) and Nofim (Yr 9/10), and in February for Nevatim (Yr 7/8) – a chance to get away without getting away!

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  • Contact

If you want to come along, then please contact tammy@masorti.org.uk or give us a call!

  • Weekly in Term Time

Club will either be on Thursdays or Sundays. See above for details.

  • Years 5-10

Club is open to everyone from all communities, Shorashim and Nevatim will run weekly during the term.