Israeli Elections

As you may be aware, Israel is in the middle of a general election. The electorate will head to the polls on the 9th April to elect a new Members of the Knesset, and maybe even a new Prime Minister.

Due to the multi-party system, there are many choices for the Israeli electorate. But, there are 2 front runners leading the race to win the most seats. They are Benny Gantz (Kachol Lavan), former Chief of Staff of the IDF, and the incumbent candidate Benjamin Netenyahu (Likud), who has been Prime Minister since 2009.

The Israeli electoral system is proportional representation which means every vote counts. The Knesset is always made up of many parties who must come together to form a coalition government.

A whole range of issues have been discussed in the campaigns, ranging from the peace process and security, to the need for fresh leadership and socio-economic problems.

We want to see how YOU, the members of Noam would vote if you had the chance, and what issues are most important in OUR movement.


There are three easy steps to make sure you are an informed voter!


  1. To see who you ‘should’ vote for based on your beliefs, check out this poll which will tell you which party shares your values and beliefs.

2. If you want more information about all the Israeli political parties running in the election, click here:

3. Do the Noam Poll! We want to see how our members would vote and what issues matter to them. Fill out this poll and we will release the results after the election!