Israel Tour – Summer 2019: Play Your Part

What is Israel Tour?

Noam Israel Tour is a three week journey through Israel during which you will make new friends and learn about yourself, Israel and Judaism.

Our programme is structured in a way that means you have the chance to visit Israel without feeling like a tourist. Noam Israel Tour will give you the opportunity to build a connection with the region you’re staying in while actively learning, seeing, and engaging with what goes on around you.

Explore what makes Noam Israel Tour Chalutzim special below.


Noam Israel Tour is for those who are in Year 11 or S4


9th July - 31st July - Dates are subject to change


£3099 for Masorti members, £3249 for non-Masorti

After 5th January:  £3249/£3349 for Masorti/non-Masorti

Chalutzim - Pioneers

The term ‘chalutz’, which means pioneer, was the name given to early Jewish immigrants to Palestine; those who built the foundations of the country we know today.

With Noam Israel Tour Chalutzim you will experience the best bits of Israel Tour whilst connecting with Israel on a deeper level. You will have a chance to learn about Israel's history, meet the people who live there and have the opportunity to help the country grow.

You too will be pioneers on this fresh and meaningful take on Israel Tour.


Begin your journey in the Negev and discover the breathtaking views. See how the desert has bloomed.


See the realities of Israel in Tel Aviv. Understand its history and see how Israel is shaping the future.


Experience an adventure like no other, get to know the North first-hand from locals and help them to build their future.


Finish your journey by exploring the modern day realities of this ancient and holy city.


Begin your journey down South in the Negev desert where you’ll stay near Sde Boker, the Kibbutz which was so loved by the first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion. He believed that the Jewish people should pour their energies into ‘making the desert bloom.’ Discover the same beauty that captured Ben Gurion’s heart by going on breath taking tiyulim (hikes) and seeing for yourself the communities that have grown in the region.


Travel to the centre of the country where you will visit the bustling hub of Tel Aviv. Here you will have the opportunity to roam through the markets of Jaffa, visit historic sites to see how Israel’s past is shaping its present and see first-hand why Israel has earned itself the title of ‘start-up nation’. You’ll also have the chance to meet local activists to learn about the growing disparity between North and South Tel Aviv.


Head North for another week of adventure. Having spent the last two weeks learning and seeing, it is now your chance to go and do! Noam is a Zionist youth movement that believes firmly in the existence of Israel as a Jewish, equal and democratic state. We believe that we have an obligation to build a Jewish state that reflects our beliefs. This is why you will spend the mornings learning about and volunteering for a social action project, with the afternoons being for exploring! The afternoons will be for exploring! To top it off you will be hosted by a kibbutz so you have the chance to meet Israelis your own age and gain insight into the life of a kibbutznik.


Jerusalem is the next and final stop on your journey. Let our madrichim guide you through the intersections of conflict that meet there; religious, political and cultural, to leave you with a nuanced understanding of this holy city. You will discover and explore a city at the intersection of three major world faiths, while connecting to sites central to what it means to be Jewish.


The friends and memories you make on Noam Israel Tour stay with you for a lifetime. Noam Israel Tour Halutzim is more than an educational trip, it's also fun! From water sports on the Kinneret to the Graffiti Tour of Tel Aviv, Noam Israel Tour is both unmissable and unforgettable.


You can register interest for Noam Israel Tour 2019 now!

Applications open November 26th

Places will be confirmed on Noam Israel Tour 2019 upon payment of the deposit and completed forms as laid out in the terms and conditions.

Noam may change the programme at short notice. We reserve the right to cancel Noam Israel Tour if we do not receive a financially viable number of participants.

Any questions, please contact or phone 020 8349 6650


Noam is an inclusive movement and believes that no child should be excluded from our activities for financial reasons. For a bursary application please contact, all requests are confidential.

All form filling for Israel Tour will be online. On receipt of the online initial application form by the movement and deposit of £400, you will receive an email which will contain:

  1. The applicant’s unique link to their full application
  2. GP Form and Letter
  3. Important Information and Terms and Conditions booklet
  4. Other information concerning your Israel Tour

All deposits need to be received by Friday 8th February 2018

All application and medical forms need to be completed by Monday 25th February 2018.

As the youth movement for Masorti Judaism, Noam will prioritise applicants who are members of a Masorti Synagogue if they apply before the early bird date. We will also prioritise those who are current members of Noam. For more information, please get in touch with us.

  1. If an Applicant or Parent/Guardian (if Applicant is under 18) wishes to cancel their place on a Programme he or she must contact Noam in writing.
  2. An Applicant or Parent/Guardian (if Applicant is under 18) who cancels his or her place prior to the deposit payment deadline (8th February 2018) will be entitled to a refund less the Administration Fee. Full details of deposit and balance payment deadlines can be found in the brochure.
  3. Any Applicant or Parent/Guardian (if Applicant is under 18) who cancels after the deposit deadline will be entitled to a refund according to the following schedule:
  • 61 days or longer prior to departure date: 100% of amount paid less deposit and the Administration Fee;
  • From 31-60 days prior to departure date:  50% of amount paid less deposit and the Administration Fee;
  • From 15-30 days prior to departure date:  20% of amount paid less deposit and the Administration Fee;
  • From 1-14 days prior to departure date: no monies refunded.

For the avoidance of doubt if a Participant cancels their place for medical reasons, the cancellation policy will apply and it is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to file an insurance claim.

Please note: if a place on Israel Tour is cancelled, a re-application will only be accepted by Noam at their sole discretion.

If a cancellation is due to the illness or death of the Applicant or his or her immediate family and provided that the Applicant or Parent/Guardian (if Applicant is under 18) provides Noam with a valid medical or death certificate or independent verification of the exceptional circumstances (if requested) then Noam shall process a claim for the remaining money (after the terms in 1.3 have been applied) with the insurance company. This will be in accordance with the insurance cover outlined in the Important Information Document.

If the Participant fails to check in for their flight from the UK, and have not contacted Noam to explain why circumstances have delayed his/her outward travel and to obtain approval for a change of date for outward travel, then JAFI retains the right to cancel any other arrangements booked with JAFI; the Participant will therefore be unable to use any connecting or return flights to the UK. No refund will be made for any unused arrangements in these circumstances.

Who looks after my child?

Noam Tour has 3 British madrichim on each tour. Our madrichim have all led on at least 3 camps and have been chosen through a rigorous selection process. They have also all completed our 2 year leadership programme as well as undertaking training from us and the UJIA in the lead up to tour. They are truly the best of the movement.

What will my child eat?

When eating in hostel buffets or during free time, participants are able to eat whatever they want. However, when we provide food for lunch, it is vegetarian. This tends to be pizza, pasta, sandwiches, falafel and other great foods.

UJIA Israel Experience is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and supported by UJIA

Going on Noam Israel Tour was without a doubt the highlight of my year. As well as finding out so much about the Israel and its fascinating history, geography and social climate, I got the chance to meet so many incredible people and make life-long friends. I would really urge anyone in Year 11 to go on Israel Tour with Noam this summer for what I found to be a life-changing experience.


Noam Tour 2018

I can safely say that going on Noam Israel Tour was the best decision that I could have made: I had the best three weeks of my life. I made new friends that I know I will stay in contact with for a long, long time, and I got much closer to lots of people who I knew beforehand. I also got the chance to know Israel as a country and learn things about it that you can’t find out by just watching the news


Noam Tour 2017

Prior to tour I only new one person in noam and after the most amazing and incredible Israel Tour, I now have a whole network of Noam friends who I love to see every week on Sundays. I can say that on my tour absolutely everybody got along and there were no arguments of any sort. There was no cliques and the madrichim were amazing and incredibly approachable. I 100% recommend Noam Israel tour and can assure you that as someone who had previously never been to Noam, I now feel like it's a big part of my life.


Noam Tour 2017