Israel Trail Challenge

What is the challenge?

Between 15-21st June the Noam community will collectively be travelling the length of Israel via the Israel Trail (1025km). We will be walking, running, cycling, horse riding, skateboarding and using other imaginative means to cover the distance.

The coronavirus crisis has affected our finances, thus we are doing this challenge to raise money for our Covid-19 crisis fund so that we can continue to help young people in our community throughout and after the pandemic.

How do I sponsor the challenge?

You can track the overall progress of the team and sponsor the team effort by visiting this page.

How do I join the team?

We would love to have you join our team of fundraisers and be part of our community that ensures Noam continues to support young people for many years to come.

The way to sign-up is to create your own Virgin Money Giving donation page (see an example page here). Here is a step-by-step guide of what to do:

  1. Go to this site and enter your email address. Follow the instructions to register and set up a donation page. Use the following answers:
    • What are you doing to raise money?: Noam’s Israel Trail Challenge
    • When are you doing it?: 15th June 2020
    • Search for a charity: Masorti Judaism
    • Have any of your selected charities contributed to the cost of your fundraising?: No
    • Click ‘Create my page’
  2. Upload a cover photo. Please email Charlotte for the Noam logo.
  3. Set a target. Can you raise £100, £200, £500 or even more? Be ambitious with your target.
  4. Share your story. Use the following example text and add photos of you in Noam merchandise!

I will be running/cycling/walking X km (over the course of a week) as part of Noam’s attempt to travel the Israel Trail (1025km) which covers the length of Israel.

I love Noam because… / Noam is important to me because…

That is why I am completing this challenge…

Here are a few words from Noam:

In the last two months, young people have seen their worlds radically changed and we know that many are finding these times difficult. They’re stuck at home bored, they’re anxious about exams being cancelled and the impact that this may have on their futures, and, for once in their life they miss being at school. Any worries, existing struggles or difficulties are being highlighted during this intense time, more than ever. It has become harder to connect with the communities they were previously immersed in, including their friends and family.

It is in times likes that these that the Noam community coming together is more important than ever. Throughout this time, we has been providing online and offline programming in order to ensure that our young people stay connected to each other, their community and Judaism. We have made sure there are spaces and people available for any young person to feel supported and listened to, and to process what is happening for them during this time. We have been offering opportunities to catch up with friends, check in with their own wellbeing, play games and continue learning about its tradition. We have provided day to day activities and connections needed for life to feel a little more normal and manageable.

However, like all charities, the Covid-19 crisis is impacting Noam’s finances and potentially threatens its ability to continue programming now and in the future, when the restrictions lift. That’s why we are asking for your help. We want to ensure Noam is still here for young people no matter what and need your help to do that.

Thank you for your help in ensuring Noam will remain as a community that supports young people during and after this crisis.

What next?

  1. Send the link to your donation page to
  2. Link your donation page to the team campaign.
    • Sign into Virgin Money Giving
    • Go to this page.
    • Click ‘Start Fundraising’
    • Link existing challenge or set up a new one!
  3. Start training.
  4. Complete the challenge between 15-21st June and share your journey on social media.
  5. Track the team’s progress here.

Fundraising tips

  • Consider self-sponsorship to show others that you believe in the cause and it gives others a rough estimate of how much to sponsor you.
  • Send individual messages to friends/family asking to sponsor you.

If you have any questions about Noam’s Israel Trail Challenge please email