Israel at 70

Hi everyone! Welcome to our Israel at 70 project. This is just one of the ways Noam as a movement is marking the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence. The project involves Noamniks from all ages choosing a picture from a year of Israel’s independence, and writing a short piece about what it means to them, and their personal connection to Israel.

The pictures will be published every day in the lead up to Yom Haatzmaut, cycling through the years until we reach the present day! Noam’s connection with Israel is vital, meaningful and special, and we aim to educate Noamniks on all our events about the importance of understanding Israel’s history, grappling with its issues, and forming a purposeful relationship with the country.

The Israel at 70 project demonstrates the commitment of our movement to Israel and its history, as well the cultivation of young engaged Zionists!

Noah Libson,
Zionism Tafkid

Below you will find the timeline which we will update as the project goes on.

Israel at 70

1959 – The Carmelit Funicular

By Tammy Sapir The Carmelit is an underground funicular railway and the only subway in Haifa. Construction took three years and finished in 1959. It is currently the only underground transit system until the expected completion of the Tel Aviv Light Rail. It has a line length of 1.8 km and travels at 17 mph

1958 – The Year Israel Went Nuclear

By Vitale Stone (Bogeret and Madricha) What did you do for your 10th birthday? I had a trampolining party, Israel went nuclear. 1958 saw the beginning of the construction of the Negev Nuclear Research Centre, or colloquially, the Dimona reactor, located in the Negev desert about thirteen kilometres outside of the city of Dimona. The … Continue reading 1958 – The Year Israel Went Nuclear

1957 – Strikes at a Textile Factory

By Miriam Clifton (Israel Tour Chanicha 2017) A strike breaks out in the ATA Textile factory, after failed negotiations between the owners and the workers’ representatives over the terms of the workers’ collective agreement and the management intent to fire a percentage of the workers. Despite the attempt of government involvement in ending the dispute … Continue reading 1957 – Strikes at a Textile Factory

1956 – The Suez Crisis

By Daniel Burns (Madrich) The most notable event involving Israel in 1956 was the Suez crisis (also known as the second Arab-Israeli war), in which Egypt attempted to nationalize the Suez canal. The Result of this was an invasion of the Sinai Peninsula, in which Israel occupied Gaza, as well as capturing the straights of … Continue reading 1956 – The Suez Crisis

1955 – Uri Ilan

By Thomas Cohen (Madrich) On the 13th January 1955 Uri Ilan, having been imprisoned by Syrian forces, committed suicide in captivity. Only a month earlier, Ilan, along with four other IDF soldiers, had been entrusted with a secret mission to change the batteries of a wiretapping device across the Israel-Syria armistice line in the Golan … Continue reading 1955 – Uri Ilan

1954 – The Case of Rudolf Kastner

By Jacob Smith (Madrich)   At the beginning of 1954, the construction of Yad Vashem began, just outside Jerusalem. It was to become the biggest holocaust memorial in the world. A key tenet of Yad Vashem was to remember not just those who perished in the holocaust, but those who risked everything to help others … Continue reading 1954 – The Case of Rudolf Kastner

1953 – Israel Prize פרס ישראל

By Toby Kunin (Tour 2017 Chanich)   The first set of Israel prizes are awarded (see here President David Ben Gurion awarding the prize for Social Sciences to Mark Dvorzhetski on Yom Haatzmaut 1953). Awarded annually in the presence of the President, Prime Minister and Supreme Court Chief Justice, the prize is the highest civilian … Continue reading 1953 – Israel Prize פרס ישראל

1952 – A Family Story

By Guy Pollack (Boger, Drachimnik and Mazkir 5777) While 1952 was a busy year in Israel’s history, seeing the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany signed, the death of President Chaim Weizmann and the election of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi as the second president of the State of Israel, I would like to take a journey … Continue reading 1952 – A Family Story

1951 – The Hula Valley

By Miki Friend (Bogeret & Madricha) The Jordan River feeds water into Lake Hula, previously a swamp and a feeding ground for birds migrating from Africa to Asia, was a problem for Israel due to its inability yield crops. In the early 1900s a plan was made to drain the swamps in order to make … Continue reading 1951 – The Hula Valley

1950 – The Law of Return

By Hannah Arnaud (Bogeret & Madricha) On the 5th of July 1950, the Knesset ratified חֹוק הַשְׁבוּת‬, (the law of return). This is the law that allows any Jewish person to settle in the land of Israel and become an Israeli citizen. I have chosen to think about this event because it goes some way … Continue reading 1950 – The Law of Return