1965 – Breakaway

By Abi Kashman (Chanicha)

In 1965 the left-wing political party, Rafi (Israeli Workers list) was founded by David Ben-Gurion, who left Mapi and led a breakaway group of eight members of the Knesset. Even though this party did dissolve in 1968, it was one of the three parties to merge and form the Israeli labour party.
Its ideology consisted of secularism, social democracy and social liberalism all, as stated above, rather left-wing ideas. This is not surprising as the group was split from the leading party at the time which was a centre-left political party.
Other events that took place in this year was the official establishment of Israeli and west-Germany diplomatic relations, the capture and death of Israeli spy Eli Cohen and the official opening of the Shalom Meir Tower which became the tallest standing building in the Middle East.