1967 – Six Day War

By Riki Williams (Chanicha)

In 1967 Israel fought its third war with its Arab neighbours. Many in Israel believed this was going to be the final war, were Israel would be wiped off the map and the Jews pushed into the sea.
In the months before the Israelis could see that Egypt, Syria and Jordan were planning war. People in Israel dug mass graves ready for the onslaught. Instead of waiting for attack, Israel took to the skies and attacked every airfield in Egypt destroying their air force on 5th June. For the next five days Israel fought on all borders. Finally a ceasefire came on 11th June.
In the six days of the war East Jerusalem was taken by the Israelis, and the kotel was back in Jewish hands. This was a historical moment that many of us who visit Israel today can hardly imagine. Could you imagine visiting Israel and not being able to touch the kotel?
We should also remember that the root of today’s ongoing conflict comes from this War. Israel took control of East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai and Golan Heights. Thousands of Palestinians were now under Israeli occupation and thousands more fled hoping to return home soon.