1986 – Attack foiled

By Josh Ezekiel (Boger and Madrich)

On the 16th of April 1986, a terrorist attack on Israel was foiled. Working with members of the Syrian embassy in London, Jordanian Nizar Hindawi had secretly planted a bomb in the bag of his fiance Anne-Marie Murphy while helping her pack for her flight from London to Israel, where he had told her they would be married. The bomb was discovered by an El Al security officer during their examination of her bag. This event is of great significance to me, as it represents the fact that even though Israel was beginning to truly establish herself as a nation on the world stage, the threat of violence to her citizens was still very real. This represents the continuous problem of the dichotomy that exists between these two opposing ideologies, (of the Israelis and their Arab neighbours) which allows for such actions to be justified in the eyes of the perpetrators.