1987 – Israel at Eurovision

By Georgie Levine (Bogeret, Rosh, Incoming Movement Worker 5778-9)

Israel competed in the 32nd Eurovision Song contest in Brussels, Belgium. The entry by the ‘Lazy Bums,’ a comedic duo consisting of Avi Kushnir and Natan Datner dressed in black suits and ties, with black sunglasses shading their eyes, emanating a Blues Brothers style. They sang the very catchy song ‘Shir Habatlanim’ (The Bum’s Song) and came 8th, scoring 73 points for Israel. They gave a synchronised performance, singing, dancing and flailing around the stage, singing out the daily life of an ‘idle loafer,’ unemployed and generally living his life in a lazy manner. Accompanied by a minimalist orchestra, the scoring shows Israel’s huge success in the contest with the ability to create an entertaining performance, with an unforgettable chorus.