1998 – Ups and Downs

By Libi Sears (Chanicha and Tour Participant 5777)

A common association with Israel is the ongoing conflict between the Palestinian’s and the Israeli’s. Unfortunately, there were several terrorist attacks that resulted in causalities such as when a Hamas terrorist threw two grenades at the border police jeep in Hebron on the 30th of September, injuring 14 of our soldiers and 11 Palestinians. 1998 marked the development of international relations with influential countries, particularly the USA. On the 7th of January, Israel, Turkey and the US began to unite their naval manoeuvres, east of the Mediterranean. Military assistance and alliances were offered regularly due to the weariness of the possible attack from Iraq. Israel were offered defence weapons as well as a warning system if Iraq chose to attack. The US strengthened their alliances by also sending 10 Patriot Missile Batteries to Israel on the 19th of February. Israel also managed to solidify their relationships with other countries, apologising to the Swiss government for the incident caused by Mossad on February 27th (the surveillance of an apartment in Berne). Turkey and Israel not only became military accomplices, they are signed a trade protocol in Ankara, 24th of March. Moreover, Israel solidified their Peace and Stability fund agreement with Jordan by transferring the $50 million it owed on the 30th of July. 1998 was compacted with numerous significant events, some with dreadful and horrific consequences while others were triumphant.