2005 – New technologies

Sam Kelly (Madrich)

2005 was an interesting and ground-breaking year for technology in Israel, especially from the stand point of automobiles. In 2005, Israel developed the world’s first self-sustaining car that generated its own renewable fuel. The car, developed by Engineuity, created hydrogen using metals such as Magnesium and Aluminium. The system was developed to solve the problems associated with the packaging and transport of hydrogen for use in other automobiles. The aim of the technology was to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise emissions especially in large cities by using a natural gas like hydrogen to produce power for a car rather than a carbon emitting source like petrol.
In other news in Israel, away from technology, in 2005, The Israeli government under Ariel Sharon ordered and implemened the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, forcibly removing Israeli Jewish settlers and giving over control to the Hamas authorities.