2012 – Occupy Rothschild

By Mia Grabski (Bogeret and Madricha)

Thousands marched through Tel Aviv in an attempt to reignite the social justice movement that had swept through Israel the previous summer. Amongst the 7000 strong group, chants included “The people demand Social Justice” and “Democracy! Democracy!”.
Although a smaller scale protest than those that took place during the previous year, the police responded with brutality to the demonstrations: 89 were arrested and videos had already emerged of Daphni Leef (a symbol of the movement) and 10 other protesters being beaten and arrested whilst trying to pitch tents on Rothschild Boulevard.
The movement came about largely due to the ever-rising cost of living in Israel and the growing inequality within Israeli society. The price of living in Tel Aviv had grown by 40% between 2005-2011 and food companies continued to increase the price of the essentials without salaries seeing any comparable rise.