Va’ad T’nua (Movement Committee)

The Va'ad T'nua - Movement Committee - is the heart of Noam. It comprises 7 bogrim, school leavers, of the movement and the current movement workers. 

The Va'ad T'nua's role is to assist the Mazkirut (movement workers) during the year. They act as the sounding board for the members of the movement, helping to set priorities, ensuring that Veida motions are carried out and they help the movement flourish by running events. They are also involved in choosing the next Mazkirut.

Each member takes on a specific role, either related to one of Noam's branches or our events. Take a look below to meet the team!

Noah Libson

Hi, I'm Noah Libson, and I've been a part of Noam for 11 successive summers, starting in Shorashim Aleph in 2008. I've seen first hand what this movement can do to people, how it can shape relationships and build an incredible community. Last year on the Vaad Tnuah, I had the opportunity to develop our Zionism branch, and got to engage with the Noam community and hear their thoughts on Israel, what Noam were doing right and what we could do better. The result was some incredible projects such as Israel at 70, and showed what Noam as a movement can do all year round, not just on camp. I'm really excited have been given the opportunity to do a second year on the Vaad Tnuah and am looking forward to working with the new team!

Gaby Schwarzmann

Gemillut Chasadim
I started my Noam journey as a chanicha way back on Shorashim Aleph and every year since I’ve counted down the days until the bus arrives to shlep us to Wales each year. During 7 years on Noam I have been inspired by Noam’s values and all the amazing people who are part of this movement. Noam has helped make me the person I am today and I can’t wait for this year on the Va’ad T’nua and the opportunity to give back to the movement that has given me so much.

Jacob Virchis

Zionism & Masorti

Hannah Arnaud

Zionism & Masorti
I started Noam on Israel Tour and immediately regretted that I didn’t join earlier! I had a completely transformative experience on Tour and ever since my life has completely revolved around Noam - so much so that I spent my gap year living out Noam’s values on Drachim. I am really excited to be on the Va’ad T’nua (sharing the Masorti and Zionism tafkidim with Jacob) because I think it is an amazing opportunity for bogrim to take ownership over our movement and to shape the way in which we implement our ideology.

Vitale Stone

I've been a part of Noam since I was 10 and came on Shorashim Aleph. Noam has truly shaped who I am as a person, helping me discover my beliefs and allowing me to find my best friends. I wanted to be on the Va'ad T'nua partly because I love the movement so much, but also because I believe that in order to create a movement that works for all our members, no matter how old, it is really important to take any opportunity to help shape our movement and make it the best it can be. As well as that, going on Drachim made me really keen to work on the Zionism branch of Noam, and ensure that we are constantly reevaluating our Zionist ideals as a movement, and fulfilling our goals.

Jen Cohen

Hagshama Atzmit and Camps, Clubs and Residentials

Josh Ezekiel

Hagshama Atzmit and Camps, Clubs and Residentials
Ever since my noam journey began on Israel tour in 2015, Noam has been the highlight of my summers. I love the strong sense of community and the unique opportunities camp provides to meet and to bond with new people, to learn about my Judaism and to develop as a person. As a part of the Va’ad T’nua, I hope to confer all that noam has given me, to the future generations of noamniks, through the joint responsibility of Hagshama and CCR.

The Mazkirut

Movement Workers
All the movement workers sit on the Va'ad T'nua ex officio. Visit to fin out more