Elections 5778

This year we are electing members to the Va'ad T'nua (Movement Committee) and our Deputy to the Board of Deputies.

To vote in these elections you must be in Year 12+ and you will receive you voter ID to the email address you registered with for Machane. (If you are not on Machane this year and would like to vote, please email harry@masorti.org.uk

Va'ad T'nua (Movement Committee)

The Movement Committee is comprised of the Mazkirut, 7 Bogrim (School Leavers) and 2 Members from the Moetza (Youth Council). The 7 Bogrim positions are elected each summer over Machane.

The 7 Bogrim take on Tafkidim (Projects) each one related to one of our 5 branches (Statement of Purpose), Camps Clubs & Residentials with the final Boger/et taking on the role of Rosh Va'ad T'nua. Find a role description for each of the tafkidim here

The Rosh Va'ad T'nua is elected directly and the other 6 places are 'open-seats'.

You will have two ballot papers - One for Rosh Va'ad T'nua an the other for the open-seats. Those standing for Rosh Va'ad T'nua are automatically on the Open Seat ballot. The successful candidate will be removed from the second election before the count.

There will be a 'meal-time spiel' by the candidates on precamp which the candidates must attend to be on the ballot. After the spiels, voting will open.

Any questions, please contact Harry (harry@masorti.org.uk)

Board of Deputies

The Board of Deputies is the only democratically elected, cross-communal, representative body in the Jewish community. It comprises nearly 300 deputies directly elected by synagogues and communal organisations, from youth movements, to social welfare charities and regional councils.

Noam can elect one deputy who is expected to attend the 8-10 Sunday meetings each year. The term of office is for 3 years.

There is an expectation that you will attend at least 75% of these and not miss 3 consecutive meetings.

Click here for more information about the role