Summer Camp

Noam summer camp brings together young Jews each summer for a chance to see their old friends, make new ones and much more. We provide a space for people to learn and grow and inside a community like no other. Noam is committed to providing an opportunity for young Jews to discover their own Jewish identity in a Masorti,  egalitarian and non-coercive space. We not only educate around issues we care about in an informal setting – we also have loads of fun!

From our colour wars  & mega-kefs to the outdoor activities, Noam summer camp is packed full of exciting moments where you will make memories for a lifetime.


Year 5 – Shorashim Aleph

Year 6 – Shorashim Bet

Date: 27th July – 2/5th August


Year 7: Nevatim Aleph

Year 8: Nevatim Bet

Date: 27th July – 9th August


Year 9: Nofim Aleph

Year 10: Nofim Bet

Date: 29th July – 11th August

For more information, please email or give us a call!