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Noam Summer Camp: Covid-19 Update

As a movement we’ve been adapting to the new set of circumstances we all find ourselves in. We are proud of the programming we’ve been able to offer so far and the relief and support it’s brought to the young people in our community. More details can be found on our website here.

At the same time, our minds are on summer 2020, as we’re sure yours are too. We wanted to be in touch to provide an update on where we stand with regards to these plans.

We are doing all we can to ensure that just like in every other year, our young people are able to have a summer which is enjoyable, enriching and inspirational. However, given the current government regulations and the suggested timeline for ending lockdown, we recognise that this summer will not look the same as previous years. In particular, none of our activities will involve international travel. Of course, we continue to monitor the situation, and are planning opportunities and innovative programmes for a variety of conceivable situations. We will keep you updated as we start to put more concrete plans into place. All money paid so far has been ringfenced; in light of the situation we will be pausing taking payments until further notice.

In the meantime we continue to offer programming, which we’d love for you to be involved with.

Please be in touch if you have any further questions or if we can offer you any support during this time.

Noam Summer Camp

Join us for the highlight of the Noam year: two weeks of fun-packed adventure surrounded by all your friends and cared for by inspirational, highly trained leaders. It is an event not to be missed.

We bring together young Jews each summer for a chance to see their old friends, make new ones and much more. We provide a space for people to learn and grow and inside a community like no other. Noam is committed to providing an opportunity for young Jews to discover their own Jewish identity in a Masorti,  egalitarian and non-coercive space. We not only educate around issues we care about in an informal setting - we also have loads of fun!

From our colour wars  & mega-kefs to the outdoor activities, Noam summer camp is packed full of exciting moments where you will make memories for a lifetime.

Key Info

Scroll down, or click the names of the camp, to find out more. Click here for some general questions about all of our camps.

Shorashim Aleph


Year 5


27th July - 3rd August

£695 (Masorti members)
£795 (non-Masorti members)

Shorashim Bet


Year 6


27th July - 5th August

£1050 (Masorti members)
£1195 (non-Masorti members)


Year 7: Nevatim Aleph

Year 8: Nevatim Bet - THIS CAMP IS NOW CLOSED

27th July - 9th August

£1195 (Masorti members)
£1395 (non-Masorti members)


Year 9: Nofim Aleph

Year 10: Nofim Bet

27th July - 9th August

£1295 (Masorti members)
£1450 (non-Masorti members)

Shorashim (Yrs 5 & 6)

Shorashim is the beginning of the Noam journey for many of our members. It provides the perfect introduction to the Movement, especially for young people who haven’t spent a long time away from home before.

This year we are transforming Shorashim, with Shorashim Alef being one week long and Shorashim Bet 10 days. Imagination is the name of the game with adventures designed to transport participants to another world. Shorashim has a warm, family atmosphere, with a particularly high ratio of madrichim (leaders) to chanichim (participants) to ensure the wellbeing and support of all chanichim as they embark on their Noam journey.

Shorashim will be held at our mega site in Norfolk. This was the fantastic site we used last year and it did not disappoint. This site has incredible facilities, including a zipwire, outdoor laser course and Jacob’s Ladder as well as an outdoor climbing and abseiling tower!

Year 5 - Shorashim Aleph 

Dates: 27th July - 3rd August

Prices: £695 for Masorti members £795 for non-Masorti members

Year 6 - Shorashim Bet 

Dates: 27th July - 5th August

Prices: £1050 for Masorti members £1195 for non-Masorti members

Year 7 - Nevatim Aleph 

Year 8 - Nevatim Bet 

Dates: 27th July - 9th August

Prices: £1195 for Masorti members £1395 for non-Masorti members

Nevatim (Yrs 7 & 8)

Whether you’re an experienced Noam Camper or looking forward to your first Machaneh (Camp), Nevatim is for you. Activities will stretch and challenge participants with no two days being the same.

Nevatim’s Camp experience will be innovate and creative, taking full advantage of our new surroundings!

Set in an 18 acre activity park in an area of unspoilt countryside, Nevatim Camp will be on our mega site in Norfolk. We can’t wait to go back and explore more!

Nevatim Bet (Year 8) also have the special opportunity to participate in a 3 day tiyul (hike) that fosters a sense of responsibility and closeness through an adventure they will never forget as they camp out in tents and cook together.

Situated close to the coast, this hike promises to be one full of breathtaking views – join us for the ultimate group bonding experience!

Nofim (Yrs 9 & 10)

We are thrilled to announce that this year Nofim will be returning to FRANCE! For two weeks, participants will stay in the grounds of a Château in Normandy where they will take advantage of its great location and beautiful countryside.

As the oldest age group, the participants engage in an in-depth programme, whilst adventuring out into the surrounding area with hiking and a day trip to local attractions. This idyllic setting creates the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable Camp.

The huge grounds at the site are filled with adventure activities to add a different dimension to participant’s experience including archery, raft building and canoeing! Let them try something new and challenge themselves as they work together and enjoy the wide variety of adventures on land and water. We can’t wait for this new Nofim chapter to begin!

Year 9 - Nofim Aleph 

Year 10 - Nofim Bet 

Dates: 27th July - 9th August

Prices: £1295 for Masorti members £1450 for non-Masorti members

Getting you place on Camp!

Online registration is now open! You can access registration through this webpage. From this website, you will need to register your family and submit initial application forms for every registered child. If your child came on Camp last year, please log in using your previous login details.

You will then need to send a non-refundable deposit cheque of £200 per child, made payable to NOAM, to the Noam office (please write your child’s name on the back). Noam prioritises participants from Masorti synagogues and those who attended last year’s Camp, otherwise we prioritise participants on a first-come first-served basis.

Noam Camp Brochure 2020

If you have any questions about summer camp, please email or give us a call on 02083496650!

We at Noam place the safety, security and welfare of every child at the centre of all of our work. Our sites are approved by the CST (Community Support Trust) and relevant security organisations, who also approve the companies that we use for security. We are also in regular contact with the local police.

Our Summer Camp has a clear Health & Safety policy, which covers medical treatment, incident reporting and referring of medical problems. Each site has a medical professional present, and all our outward bound providers are fully trained and insured. Our full medical Policy will be made available to all participants on application.

We believe that at the core of any great day is fantastic nutritious food. We ensure that everyone gets food that they love, including all those with special diets that are indicated on medical forms. All food served at Camp is kosher, nut-free and vegetarian.

Participants are looked after by our team of trained, experienced and committed madrichim (leaders). All Noam machanot (Camps) feature a high ratio of madrichim to young people, ensuring that participants are constantly supervised. In addition, we have a comprehensive welfare structure, including a professional counsellor, safeguarding the physical and emotional well-being of your children.

Noam takes the utmost care to ensure that the emotional wellbeing of every participant is looked after. All our staff are DBS checked, and are trained in supporting young people through our 2-year leadership course. Each child is given one-to-one attention by a Madrich (leader), who in turn is supported by a Rosh (manager). This structure is overseen by dedicated welfare professionals, who are able to ensure Camp is a nurturing environment for all.

Noam seeks to include all young people, regardless of previous medical history, and we do everything we can so that Noam can be a home for your child. Full and honest prior disclosure of any medical issues – both physical and psychological – will allow us to fully support your child. Failure to disclose important information will jeopardise your child’s place on camp.

In advance of Summer Camp, we provide parents and guardians with details by email. This will include travel arrangements, kit lists, and contact details (such as the emergency contact numbers for your child’s Camp). We are happy to receive questions, and will also be running a Parent’s Information Evening in June.

On Camp, we will be supplying a daily update in a private area of the Noam website to let you know what your child is up to. We will also be updated Noam’s social media channels. Your children will be able to call home at times throughout Camp, however they may not want to!

As well as our private daily updates, we may publish photos of your child on our brochures, website, in newspapers, social media and other places unless you wish to opt out your child. You will be able to opt-in/out on the application form.

Noam believes that the way to a strong Jewish identity is through positive Jewish experiences. Noam Camp offers a unique opportunity to meet other young Jews and make new friends. The friendships formed at Camp are deep and long lasting. Young people at Noam Camp build a community for themselves and learn to live as part of a group in which teamwork and cooperation are of the highest value.

Noam believes in the importance of positive educational experiences, and all of our Camps endeavour to start our participants on a lifelong Jewish journey. Each Camp has its own professional educator to oversee and enhance the content of each peulah (programme). Our programming provides the opportunity to engage with concepts and gain knowledge and, most importantly, form their own opinions in a stimulating, yet informal context.We are proud of our reputation as a leader in the field of informal Jewish education.

As a religious movement, Noam observes Shabbat and Kashrut to create an immersive Jewish environment. There’s nothing quite like a Noam Shabbat. Every day begins with Shacharit (morning prayers) and each meal concludes with Birkat HaMazon (Grace after meals). Our approach is non-coercive and egalitarian. We are committed to creating a space where participants can explore and engage with Jewish practice in a positive way. The personal space and differing opinions of each participant are always respected and encouraged.

The price of all Noam residential camps covers accommodation, catering, all supervision and activities, basic travel insurance, transport to and from Camp, a Noam t-shirt, professional medical staff on-site, and unforgettable experiences!


Noam endeavours not to exclude any members of Masorti communities from its programmes for financial reasons alone, and as such offers comprehensive bursaries to participants. Please contact Noam Administrator, Tracy Landsberg, at the Noam office ( in confidence if you would like to apply for help with payment, and tick the ‘subsidy’ box on the online application form. Please apply as soon as possible to maximise chances of bursary funds. The closing date for bursary applications is Thursday 5th March.

Spreading the Cost

In order to spread the total cost of Camp you can pay in instalments. Please tick the box marked ‘instalments’ on the online application form and we will contact in order to arrange a payment plan.


We are happy to offer discounts for early registration and families. Register your child online before 10am on 16th January to claim your early bird discount of £100. Families sending more than one child to any of the Noam residential Summer Camps will receive a sibling discount of £50 per child. You must pay your deposit within two weeks to secure the discount and your place.


Unfortunately, some participants have to cancel their place on Noam Summer Camp. In the event of you cancelling a place on any Camp after Friday 22nd May, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the camp of the Camp, less the refundable deposit. In the event of you cancelling a place on any Camp after Friday 12th June, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the total cost. The deposit is non-refundable in all cases of cancellation. All families are advised to take out their own cancellation insurance.