The Team

The Movement is run by the Mazkirut (Movement Workers) who will do everything from running clubs and Shabbat activities to organising summer camp! If you need any information about Noam please speak to them. The professional team will handle any administrative items such as payments and bursaries.

Mazkirut (Movement Workers)

Yoni Stone

Since his first Noam summer on Shorashim א in 2006, the movement has become a central part of his life and has provided spaces which have developed both his ideology and himself. Having spent a year at the Conservative Yeshiva, he is now in his second year of movement work and is excited to take on the role of mazkir.

This year, Yoni is working on Veida, Drachim, SAMS and The Noam Showcase.

Georgie Friend

Movement Worker and Marom Fieldworker
Georgie recently graduated from Warwick with a degree in Politics and Sociology. She’s been involved in Noam since she was 13 years old, having grown up in Kol Nefesh Masorti synagogue.

This year, Georgie is working on Veida, Atid, New London, Moetza and Olami Travellers, as well as being a Marom Fieldworker.

Harry Kelly

Movement Worker
Harry grew up in Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue and has been involved in Noam since he was 7 years old. Harry is also on the board of Masorti Olami representing Noam Olami (Noam Worldwide) and graduated from the University of York in Politics and International Relations.

This year, Harry is working on Kaytana, Olami Travellers, New London, Club and Winter Camp, and is Rakaz Kehillot (smaller communities).

Tomer Raphael

Movement Worker and Marom Fieldworker
Tomer grew up in and around Noam, his first camp being Nevatim Bet. He feels passionately about the community it creates. He graduated with a degree in History from the University of Nottingham where he was a part of Marom.

This year, Tomer is working on Kaytana, New North London, Israel Tour and Comms, as well as being a Marom Fieldworker.

Charlotte Caplan

Movement Worker
Charlotte grew up in New North London Synagogue and has been involved in Noam since she went on Shorashim Aleph in 2007. Charlotte led Israel Tour in 2018 and studied Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge. She is excited to spend an entire year dedicated to Noam.

This year, Charlotte is working on Israel Tour, Atid, Winter Camp, Club and New North London.

Professional Team

Lucy Cohen

Noam Director
Lucy was involved with Noam for over a decade, as a chanicha, madricha and during her time studying at the University of Leeds. After working around the world in community and international development, Lucy is back home at Noam.

Lucy Pearl

Finance Manager
Lucy joined Noam in November 2014 as our Finance Manager. She is responsible for all our accounts and manages the bursary process.

Tracy Landsberg
Tracy has been a constant presence in the Noam Office for several years now, managing the application processes for all our events. She is in the office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, contact her for any enquiries about all Noam activities.